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Gloucester is perfect for those who have an eye for beautiful buildings. One of Gloucester’s main attractions is the magnificent Gloucester Cathedral. The extraordinary cloisters, where scenes from some of the Harry Potter films were shot, showcase extraordinarily beautiful architecture.

There are many stunning Chapels, and every night there’s a performance of evensong by local talented choristers, who preserve the medieval traditions. Along with this you have the spectacular Great East Window, which is lovely on a sunny day as you see all the different colours and the different people, such as the man who looks as though he is playing golf! It’s great to go with your children, play I-spy and see what you can make out of the different images, as well as enjoying all the interesting sculptures and paintings as you stroll in the footsteps of thousands of visitors across the ages.

Gloucester’s Victorian Docks open up a wide range of activities, such as the Gloucester Waterways Museum, which takes up three floors in the Gloucester Llanthony warehouse, and tells the story of Gloucester’s great rivers and canals. The interactive displays make it a winner with all age groups.

Gloucester wouldn’t be the same without its incredible rugby. With its huge stadium, Kingsholm you have the best experience of some real live sporting entertainment, as well as some great musical performances too. The sound of the crowds going wild when Gloucester scores a try makes for an incredible atmosphere. Some would say that it’s location just behind the cathedral is particularly appropriate given the reverence in which its held by its fans!

With some great shopping to be had, no wonder some feel that there’s something for everyone here.

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