Cheese Rolling event at Coopers Hill (25th May 2009)

This must be one of the most eclectic or unusual event in the Cotswolds calendar part of our heritage and what makes the English well, English. The event has been running for several hundred years and whilst many competitors receive cuts and bruises they keep coming back year after year.The event, usually held on the May Bank Holiday involves rolling a large cheese (7-8 lb) down a steep hill (the gradient is 1:1 in places) and then a number of competitors run after it. The first person to the bottom of the hill wins the cheese; there are usually 4 down-hill races at each event, and needless to say, no-one ever catches the cheese.If youd like to watch this rather unusual, even lunatic event, the next cheese rolling takes place on 25th May 2009, check the web-site for the latest details and to confirm that the event is taking place as expected.Finally, remember its not always the competitors that are hurt, and we cannot be held liable for any injuries you might incur by attending this event!Click here for details of our Cotswold cottages in the area


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