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One of the best ways to really enjoy a holiday or getaway is to live like the locals and really throw yourself into the local culture. The Cotswolds is no different, and with plenty of ways to enjoy country living, even the slickest of city dwellers can feel right at home here. If youre planning a visit and want to immerse yourself in some classic Cotswold Culture, weve got you covered with our fantastic picks of what not to miss during your stay.

Cheese Rolling, Coopers Hill, Gloucestershire

(Next Event Monday, 29th May 2017)

You may not have thought that cheese rolling actually exists, but it certainly does in Cooper Hill! A benchmark of Cotswold culture and a strong Gloucestershire tradition, people flock to the top of Coopers Hill to watch as a 9lb wheel of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled down the hill, and then chase after it. The first person to cross the finish line wins the cheese and then everyone heads off to celebrate in the nearest pubs The Cross Hands and The Victoria.This annual event takes place each Spring Bank Holiday and attracts people from across the world previous winners have included an American and a Japanese man, so its a great event for visitors from all over. If youre visiting the area and looking to witness a true Cotswold tradition, youll find what youre looking for at this laugh a minute event.Did you know? The annual event has featured in Rory and Paddys Great British Adventure, Gilmore Girls and ER!Where to stay: Get a big group of you together and stay at Springfield House in Rendcomb, which is about a 20-minute drive from Coopers Hill. Youll love the pool, spacious rooms and gorgeous views, the ideal group getaway from the city.

Bibury Duck Race 2016, Bibury

(Next Event Boxing Day)

The Cotswolds is known for its weird and wacky events, and this one is no exception. Youve heard of horse racing, dog racing and every Boxing Day in Bibury, theres duck racing. Attracting people from far and wide, this is a fun event to take part in for anyone whos looking to experience a slice of Cotswold culture and create new Christmas traditions.What makes the duck race even more unique is that it doesnt actually involve real ducks! There are two races, the first involving decoy ducks, which can be sponsored by spectators by 10 each. The second race features around 2,000 yellow ducks which can be sponsored for 1, offering the chance to raise money for charity as well as some great prizes!Did you know? Theres also a prize for the last duck to cross the line, so its worth sticking around until the very end to see how your duck gets on even if it isnt one of the first to finish.Where to stay: A Christmas stay at Mill Bank House is a wonderful way to spend the festive season. It sleeps 10 and features plenty of garden space, a cosy kitchen and dining area and modern bedrooms all you need for a Cotswolds cottage Christmas.

Tetbury Woolsack Races, Tetbury

(Spring Bank Holiday May 2017)

If you think a sack race is like it was during your school sports days, youll find that things are a little different at the Tetbury Woolsack Races. Each May Bank Holiday, around 5,000 people gather to take part in this unusual race, both in teams and as individuals.The aim of the race is to carry a sack of wool whilst racing around the town of Tetbury, which is no easy feat. There are plenty of street entertainers, music and even fairground rides to keep the crowds entertained during this highlight in the Cotswolds event calendar. Whether you sign up to take part or just watch this incredible test of strength, youll be sure to have a day full of laughs to remember.Did you know? The Guinness World Record for the fastest male woolsack race is 45.94 seconds held by Pete Roberts and was achieved during the Tetbury Woolsack Race in 2007.Where to stay: New Church Cottage in Tetbury itself is the perfect place to join in the fun of the Woolsack Race. It sleeps 4 with cosy bedrooms, a roaring fire and all of the charming qualities you need to enjoy a relaxed weekend away.

The Cotswold Olimpicks, Chipping Campden

(Next event TBC in 2017)

If the Olympic Games taking place every four years isnt regular enough for you, youll find some sporting excellence with a difference in Robert Dovers Olimpick Games. This annual event brings thousands of people to Chipping Campden to take part in a range of events including the static jump (where competitors battle it out to jump the furthest from standing still), Putting The Shot, Hammer Throw and Spurning the Barre which make up a pentathlon of events.Also taking place during the games is the Championship of the Hill event in which teams of 5 will compete in ever wackier games which include anything from wheelbarrows and dustbins to water games and more these events are changed every year and are a great way for friends and families to join in the fun together. With a tug of war tournament and other events too, this is a great way to experience Cotswold culture at its best.Did you know? The Cotswold Olimpicks is home to the annual Shin Kicking event which involves exactly what you think it does, shin kicking! The event has been going since 1612 and is a firm tradition of the games.Where to Stay: If you feel like getting a large group of you together to take part in the games, then book yourselves a stay at Watery Park Barn which is in close proximity to Chipping Campden. It sleeps 14 and has everything you need to enjoy a restful stay following the excitement of the Cotswold Olimpicks.

Chipping Norton Literary Festival, Chipping Norton

(Next Event 27-30 April 2017)

The Chipping Norton Literary Festival is a great time to drop in to the town for a visit. There's always plenty going on during the 4 day festival, with a real buzz around the area as people from all over the world join in to soak up its literary delights. Its a classic literary festival, with venues dotted all around the town offering a great way to explore Chipping Norton on foot.Each year the festival offers a different calendar of events which include talks, signings, events for children and young people as well as plenty of places to enjoy good food and drink. A must for those with a love of books and the written word, this festival has plenty going for it.Did you know? The event attracts authors from all corners of the world, with a great mix of childrens authors too, providing something for people of all ages to enjoy.Where to stay: Dairy Cottage is a cosy Cotswold cottage for two to enjoy during a romantic stay and trip to the festival. With a welcoming interior and a beautiful garden area, youll have everything you could need to enjoy your stay.

Cheltenham Literature Festival, Cheltenham

(Next Event 7-16th October 2016)

The Cheltenham Literature Festival is one of the most popular literary festivals in the UK and brings over 600 writers, politicians, poets, actors and more to celebrate everything thats wonderful about the written word. Its a packed week of talks, debates and other events and often draws some world-famous authors.Previous speakers at the event have included Stephen Hawking, Jeremy Paxman, Zadie Smith, Dame Judy Dench and the late Richard Attenborough - if thats not an impressive line-up were not sure what is!Did you know? The festival has been taking place since 1949 making it one of the oldest literary festivals in the world!Where to stay? Elgin is located in Gretton Fields, and is around a 30 minute drive from Cheltenham, giving you the perfect base to enjoy the festival and to experience other elements of Cotswold culture too. Its a beautiful barn conversion sleeping 4 for an enjoyable country getaway.

Cheltenham Science Festival, Cheltenham

(Next event 6-11th June 2017)

Like the Literature Festival, the Cheltenham Science Festival attracts people from all over to visit this great event which brings together scientists, environmentalists and others to enjoy a great week of talks, activities, events and more.There are plenty of great activities to get involved in as well as answer questions such as what makes the perfect cup of tea? making it a great day out for families. With a diverse calendar of events, theres something for everyone at the festival no matter how good you were at science in school!Did you know? Professor Brian Cox is one of the festivals biggest fans. He said: It is, without doubt, the premier science festival in the country because it is supported by pretty much everyone who cares about promoting science in Britain.Where to stay? Stow-on-the-Wold is a 30 minute drive from Cheltenham, and the Old Brewery is the perfect place to stay. Sleeping 8 people it offers beautiful gardens, spacious rooms and a whole host of comforts to help you enjoy your stay.With so many great events taking place in the Cotswolds each year, youll find plenty of excuses to pay us a visit. Accommodation for events books up a long time in advance, so if you are interested in attending, its recommended you book now. Wantto explore the rest of our properties and plan your visit?


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