Santa's steamings...

A great family tradition for us, the guys at Great Western Railway have come up with two tremendous options for getting the kids to see Santa, guaranteed to raise Christmas excitement levels. You can either travel by steam train from Cheltenham Racecourse to Winchcombe (aka the North Pole) where you alight (assisted by elves of course) and visit Santa in his grotto or take a 10 mile round trip by diesel car from Toddington station to Lapland and Winchcombe before returning to Toddington, enjoying the company of Santa and his helpers on board. In addition to huge excitement, there are mince pies, hot & cold drinks, biscuits & fruit to be enjoyed as well as the great Cotswold countryside. All in all, an excellent way to indulge your inner child whilst bonding with the real thing of course, the stuff memories are made of. All aboard!


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