Secret Cottage Tour of the Cotswolds

Secret Cottage Tours, is your chance to experience the beautiful and picturesque villages, which the Cotswold's has to offer, but with the personal touch. With only 7 people on the tour at any one time, you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the sites of the Cotswold's, while you're knowledgeable guide takes you to all those hidden villages, throughout the Cotswold's.You start the day meeting your tour guide Becky and throughout the day, she will take you to beautiful rolling hills, meadows and unspoiled views, combined with 'chocolate box' cottages, traditional English gardens and tiny villages. You also get an invitation to sample delicious tea, coffee and pastries, a buffet lunch and to finish a traditional Cotswold cream tea, cooked in the Aga, in the comforts of Becky's beautiful home.Each tour is 8 hrs long and it's unique each time, because of the different seasons and local events.Voted one of the top 1-18 activities to do in the Cotswold's, by Trip Adviser.For more information....        


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